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If you cannot stand the heat....

June 4th, 2014 at 03:54 pm

No, I did not get out of the kitchen.

I turned on the Air Conditioner.

I held out for as long as I could without Central Air. I was using ceiling fans and a box fan. It's about the longest I have gone into the hot months without AC.

In my area we were actually doing fairly well until we got lots of rain almost everyday last week. Then this week the sun is out, and the temperatures are getting into the lower 90s. That means the humidity has shot up too. And, with no real cooldown at night, it has become too uncomfortable.

There goes the Electric Bill!!!

05-05 IWS - Internet Withdrawal Syndrome

May 5th, 2014 at 12:44 pm

My internet went down early Saturday afternoon and just got back up this Monday morning. My withdrawals are now subsiding. Talk about an Addiction!

However, I did manage to stay busy doing lots of yard work(the Joys of Home Ownership). I got sick of dealing with my very old Craftsman weedeater and decided to pick up another one that does a better job of edging the driveway. After stops at a few of the usual stores, I found a reasonable electric Black and Decker model at Lowes.

I did the second $6.44 Hamburger Mail In Rebate at Wally World, so the meat will eventually be rebated.

Kroger's second week of the recent Mega Event Sale is ending in my area tomorrow, so I did manage to pick up a few more cheapies this past weekend. Crest toothpaste was also on sale for 10 for $10. I had a couple Q's for $.75 off 1. I was also able to combine a couple Kroger sales with SavingStar promotions which made Kraft Mac & Cheese free, and a cheap Liberte yogurt. I also got a bunch of Avocados with an additional 20 percent off. These will go well with the home made burritos in commemoration of Cinco de Mayo.