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4-30 WAGS 81mg Bayer Aspirin for $0.24

April 30th, 2014 at 08:43 am

For all those on the daily 81mg regimen there is a great sale this week at WAGS. It's Buy One and Get Second at 50 Percent Off. The May Savings Book has a $1.00/1 off Q, which is effective as of 4/27, and can be applied to both bottles in the sale. Plus you can use two $1/1 Q's from several past RedPlum and SmartSource Inserts. My store has the 36 count chewables for $2.99, so after buying 2, and applying 2 insert Q's and the May Savings Book Q, it came to $0.48 plus tax for 2 bottles or $0.24 each.

The expiration date on the boxes that I got is 11/2016, so I got 8 bottles to stock up a little more. This brings up the subject of watching the expiration dates of HBA's and especially OTC meds. You may not want to buy so much that you will end up with a lot of bottles of aspirin that have expired. I did this when I first stated extreme couponning/saving, and now I'm donating some stuff that is about to expire.

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